Fun with funny Curlew

ssp. suschkini- wonder what they really look like

Migrant Curlew have been apparent in the UK for the last couple of weeks and they bring with them some interesting opportunities to look and learn. 3 taxa are variously referred to. The western form Numenius arquata arquatathe eastern form Numenius arquata orientalis, and a  third form Numenius arquata suschkini is sometimes included and sometimes or not by different authorities.

I have been looking at Curlew in detail for about 15 years now. This one still intrigues me. Will include other photos  and more comment soon. July is here and its a good time to look at Curlew, their plumages and moults at this time of year anyway!

It’s the upper bird in flight and then on the ground. Can you see the  subtle differences (how many?!) from Curlew normally seen in the UK. Let me know if you find any Curlew any that have all these features. Get photos!


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4 Responses to Fun with funny Curlew

  1. Seymour says:

    Hi- isn’t suschkini supposed to have white , almost unmarked underwings?


  2. Martin Garner says:

    Hi Seymour. Yes this bird did have pure white underwings- will try and remember to put it up shot showing this soon. That said pure white underwings are not unusual on (at least) east coast Curlew from now on. These are usually suspected to be birds form a, little further east as breeding Curlew in e.g. Peak District and Shetland usually have spotty underwings

    Cheers Martin

  3. Andrea Corso says:

    Ciao Martin,

    what an interesting topic….. since I’m almost finishing my 20y work on Numenius, which will be published in British Birds, could you be so kind to send me original high res of these curlews and possibly also the one showing underwing too???

    Also, details on dimension, gait, jizz etc.


    • Martin Garner says:

      of course Andrea – soon as I get back home next week to original pics- interested of course to see what you think too

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