Baby Osprey

Spurn 7 August 2011

Plenty of birds around headlined by movements of Swallows and Waders. day before Yesterday this juvenile Osprey went up and down the peninsula, giving  excellent views as it flew past our caravan.

Juvenile Osprey, Spurn. 7 August 2011.© Justin Carr

We’ve had the first Pied Flycatchers of the autumn.  Night before last the Common Tern  pre-roost flight came near the shoreline with some right over the ‘van. Some 9,000 were counted and sprinkled amoung were some gorgeous Arctic Terns, especially the juveniles. Missed a fly by Red-necked Phalarope as I was hanging out with lovely daughter Abi. Yesterday Beacon Ponds had a summer plumaged Black Tern t and at least one Mediterranean Gull in nearby fields. Adam H had 30+ Med Gulls, in fresh ploughed fields just north of here (a Yorkshire record?). It’s like they arrive from the near continent bang on time for start of the ploughing season! Fine seawatch this am- 11 Arctic Skuas and Black Tern in first hour

Check out the Spurn Obs website for all the news much more than I mention: Visit Spurn website.

P.S. I see these waders species, pictured below, most of them flying in flocks right past my caravan, everyday. Some are easier in the photos to ID than others. If you want to have a go then click on photo to find answer. All photos Spurn, 7.8.11  © Justin Carr


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