Nightjar in the hand

Juvenile male

Excellent Tern passage last night with around 7-8,000 Common Terns, 10’s of Arctic Terns, several Black Terns, and juvenile of Yellow-legged Gull and Mediterranean Gull mixed in. Also a couple of Tundra Ringed Plover on Beacon Ponds were the first I have seen this autumn. Waders moving again this a.m. and bright young Willow Warbler in nearby hedge. Then around 10 am Paul Collins (Spurn Obs warden) radioed up to say he had caught a European Nightjar. New bird or the one form last week? Don’t know. But amazing plumage at close range. It did have large white spot on tail feather and appears to be juvenile male:

Warden P.C. holds  securely before quickly releasing. It was soon away and into the dunes. Bird’s welfare first.

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