Wryneck- in the Hand

Spurn and easterlies. 12 August 2011

Would have been hard to predict today. We had hoped for something of course. 2 Two-barred Crossbills seen only by Rael at Kew before they flew off north. Despite plenty of searching not to be seen again. However  a flurry of other migrants arrived in winds that veered from NE on the morning through to SE by the evening. This Wryneck was top of the pile: The lack of strong warm colour to the iris probably means its juv/1st winter. Need to check with PC on primary coverts for aging, otherwise young birds are very similar to adults and virtually indistinguishable in the field.

Wrynecks are well-known for hissing and twisting and turning the head and neck: ‘snake-neck’. This on was no exception:

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