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Are you ready…

…for the next Cabot’s Tern? Micky McNaughton sent some lovely shots showing both adult and  juvenile Cabot’s Terns taken in late August in Florida (2009). The ID paper that explains all on separating them from the (European) Sandwich Tern is on the memory stick. Check … Continue reading

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View from the Top

of the Old Spurn Lighthouse Thanks to Andy Gibson and the YWT we went up to the top of the Old Lighthouse, near the end of the Spurn Peninsula last weekend. Check out the view. It’s really a very different perspective having a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the place. What … Continue reading

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Barra Boys Celebrate

10 years on Got this from Calum Scott yesterday. 10 years ago (really?) a bunch of guys thought they would do a bit of exploring. Musing about where remained unexplored for autumn migration and vagrants around Britain, they decided to try the southern end of the Outer Hebrides (Scotland’s west coast), to an island called Barra. What … Continue reading

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Wildlife Spectacle on Discovery Day

Visible Migration Extravaganza When I plan for dates for guiding events, of course I never really know what might actually happen on the day. Only vague predictions based on time of year, weather patterns etc. Had a great time over the weekend of 10th/11th September on 4 hour ‘tasters’, and was expecting similar stuff … Continue reading

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Semipalmated Sandpiper

Beacon Ponds (near my caravan!) Full day last Saturday, guiding both morning and afternoon. Observers from afar might have thought the strong  (mainly)  west + southwesterly winds on Britain’s east coast not especially conducive to memorable birding. We had a great day! plenty of visible migration action involving  plenty of … Continue reading

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Flying towards you

What is it?  

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Juvenile Sabine’s Gull

Close-up Dermot Breen emailed these photos of a Sabine’s Gull, which was found on Ireland’s west coast (Mannin Bay, Galway) yesterday, with broken wing by a local (celebrity!) fisherman. Sadly the bird died shortly after. Interestingly it gives an unusual opportunity to see moult beginning in the scapulars and wing coverts. “Got a call … Continue reading

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New Species on the British List

Cabot’s Tern, Siberian Stonechat, Hudsonian Whimbrel, Pale Martin (and more) Cabot’s Tern, Siberian Stonechat and Hudsonian Whimbrel are on the British List but as subspecies. A paper released publicly today upgrades them to full species status. The Pale Martin I think is one of those highly likely (perhaps even overlooked) potential vagrants. … Continue reading

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1st winter White Wagtail Identification

On the East Coast (and inland near you!) Found this bird on 31st August and it renewed my interest in Pied and White Wagtail ID in autumn. So here’s a bit of waffle on the subject for anyone interested. It’s done in a simple style, so apologies to … Continue reading

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