wing-barred Warbler identification

Be nice to find one of these on Shetland

but what is it?


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10 Responses to wing-barred Warbler identification

  1. Harry Hussey says:

    Leg colour seems wrong for Arctic, and it seems more compact and perhaps brighter above also. Not one of the Yellow-browed group either. Something from the Greenish superspecies, methinks, and leg colour, wide even median covert bar and so on makes me suspect Two-barred Greenish?

  2. Eastern Crowned Warbler?

  3. Are most people barking up the wrong tree here?
    Tennessee Warbler?

  4. James H says:

    i think 2-barred greenish

  5. Jim Clarke says:

    I’d second 2 barred Greenish (adult with worn greater covert bar?).

  6. Paul Leader says:

    I think the legs and feet are too robust for a phyllosc. If it was a phyllosc it would have to be Greenish type (legs too dark for anything else) and I don’t like the contrastingly dark primary coverts, primaries and secondaries when compared to the mantle (should be more uniform if a Greenish type). The poorly marked eyestripe and greyish tones to the nape make me think of Tennessee warbler too.

  7. Jim Clarke says:

    Going to flip on this; i thought Tennessee would look yellower below, but immature bird don’t? Also thought the median bar looked a bit too whitish, but allowing for the photo, i guess that’s OK too. Everything else seems to fit Tennessee.

  8. Adam Hutt says:

    I thought Tennessee too. Colour of uppers, wingbars n overall look

  9. And I think – hats off to Graham and subsequent posters who said Tennessee!!

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