It was a …

Tennessee Warbler

Don’t get mad! Wasn’t trying to trick anyone ; ) Actually it was a spring bird, part hidden, taken at Point Pelee, Ontario, Canada in May this year (2011) – thanks to David Cooper.

A ‘Vermivora’ or (more recently): ‘Oreothlypis’ as opposed to a ‘Dendroica’. 4 British records, 2 Fair Isle, one each on St Kilda and Orkney. Others in Iceland, Faeroes and Azores. One of the finders of the first record (1975!) contributes to Birding Frontiers. Time for another?

Easily in danger of being overlooked as a funny phylloscopus warbler in 1st year plumage e.g. see here (which is why all who made incorrect guess on the ID are completely absolved!). Well done to those who twigged the real ID.

See the occurrence pattern in N. America here

Same bird, ID more obvious. All photos ©David Cooper


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2 Responses to It was a …

  1. Paul French says:

    Finding a spring Tennessee Warbler on Shetland in autumn would be impressive indeed !! 😉

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