New Species on the British List

Cabot’s Tern, Siberian Stonechat, Hudsonian Whimbrel, Pale Martin (and more)

Cabot’s Tern, Siberian Stonechat and Hudsonian Whimbrel are on the British List but as subspecies. A paper released publicly today upgrades them to full species status. The Pale Martin I think is one of those highly likely (perhaps even overlooked) potential vagrants. It’s also been upgraded. There’s lots more to read in this Ibis paper.

Read the full paper: Sangster et al 2011 TSC 7th report IBIS   

I think members of the Taxonomic Sub-Committee (T.S.C.) of the BOURC have done a great job. The identification paper on Cabot’s Tern * cited in the report is of course available on the memory stick.

* Garner, M., Lewington, I. & Crook, J. 2007. Identification of American Sandwich Tern (Sterna sandvicensis acuflavida). Dutch Birding 29: 273 – 287.

The first ‘twitchable’ record of Cabot’s Tern might not be far away. Who knows how to identify one !  Time to get the stick? Just mail me as per here.

2 different species appear in the excellent photos below: One is a Cabot’s Tern, one is a Sandwich Tern. By great guys who take great photographs:

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