Buffed finish…

…to a great couple of weeks

Just a quick post having returned from Shetland last night. I have been there for over 2 weeks. As ever, an amazing time. I guided two different groups with Shetland Nature and I thoroughly enjoyed both. A great bunch of people. Caught up with lovely friends too. Over the next few days I will write about the great variety of birds seen. I will focus especially on some of the more interesting stuff: Arctic Redpoll, Eastern Lesser Whitethroat, Eastern Yellow Wagtail, Black-headed Bunting, Isabelline Shrikes and Pallid Harriers. Hoping to include photos and sound recordings (and interested if you have any!) For now though, chuffed to bits to head out with the amazing bunch of guys, Roger Riddington, Paul Harvey and Brian Small on my last full day, and we found the (American) Buff-bellied Pipit below. Rock and roll!

American Buff-bellied Pipit, Quendale, Shetland, 8th October 2011. Thanks to Brian Small who managed some nice digiscoped shots in rather poor light. More on this bird to come…


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3 Responses to Buffed finish…

  1. Chatterbirds says:

    Some nice ones there! I would have loved to have seen that bunting.

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