What is it?- Shetland Sept 2011

Arctic Redpoll?  posting to come…



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4 Responses to What is it?- Shetland Sept 2011

  1. Geoff Morgan says:

    My guess is that this is a pale ‘Icelandic’ Redpoll …

    Have a pic of a very similar bird from Fair isle last Oct.


  2. Rob Fray says:

    Er…. call me stupid (which I am for the majority of the time), but isn’t that just a fairly bog-standard Mealy? Granted, you can’t see the rump properly in that photo (although from what you can see it looks pretty clean and white), and the undertail coverts aren’t properly visible either, but the rest of the bird doesn’t look like a Coues’s to me at all. Heavy streaking on the flanks, a definite brown colouration on the mantle… this is what a Coue’s should look like:

    I’ll happily be proved wrong…

  3. David Gray says:

    I agree with Mr.Fray or it is one of these dodgy Greenland, Iceland type races?…

  4. Martin Garner says:

    Thanks guys- I agree with you mostly I think?!… I think it’s a pale islandica- very interesting. I put the post up initially as It spent most of its time categorised as an exilipes Arctic. Should get a post up today on it with more pics etc.

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