Linosa: Italy’s Fair Isle?

On my way.

To this little volcanic island (expand it out to see exactly where it is):

Thank especially to Andrea and Ottavio for the invite. Hope to be able to report on my recce to this Mediterranean Birding Hotspot starting from Wednesday and following 10 days. With short but very impressive track history of Siberian, Asian and African rarities, its already sounding good…

I have to spend tuesday night on Lampedusa (island to the south) before catching ferry with Lucio on Wednesday morning.

Then when I get back (sorry for being slow- too many good stories) I will catch-up on an excellent Shetland week 2 and inspiring visit to Helgoland. More soon.



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2 Responses to Linosa: Italy’s Fair Isle?

  1. Calum Scott says:

    I am sure you will have a great time Martin. I went last spring to that other famous Italian island Ventotene, the volume of birds on there blew me away, and apparently it was quite quiet then!

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