Eastern Lesser Whitethroat

Bit more Northern

Just catching up on some blogging from a wonderful Autumn. I guess I will intersperse some Shetland, some Helgoland and some Linosa birds and birding. Towards the end of our first week on Shetland our group found this Lesser Whitethroat (29th Sept.2011). My photo is the first here and kind of gives a feel of my first impression. A ‘brown’ Lesser Whitethroat for sure. Thankfully others came to see it who are much better photographers than me. Hopefully you can see here overall how pale and brown it could look, especially this colour extending up the nape. The overall size and feel wasn’t massively different to a nominate bird, though to my eyes it looked a bit longer tailed/shorter winged and dinkier billed. You can make up your own mind! I didn’t hear it call, though someone reported a ‘tak’ call. You can see the pattern of white in the outer tail feathers (amazing what modern cameras can do). All the plumage information is visible-only wish it had called when I was present. Thanks very much indeed to these photographers and others for their interest. I think it’s definitely an ‘Eastern bird‘, one that is probably more Northern than Southern, if that’s not too cryptic!

definitely a brown Lesser Whitethroat – obvious on first views. Uyeasound 29.9.11. © Martin Garner

‘Eastern’ Lesser Whitethroat, Uyeasound 29.9.11. © Gavin Daniels

‘Eastern’ Lesser Whitethroat, Uyeasound 29.9.11. © Tony Davison (Simply Birds and Moths)

‘Eastern’ Lesser Whitethroat, Uyeasound 29.9.11. 3 photos above © Jonathan Lethbridge. (Wanstead Birder)

‘Eastern’ Lesser Whitethroat, Uyeasound 29.9.11. © Tony Davison (Simply Birds and Moths)


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