Last Day for Shetland Nature Groups 2011

Still scoring…

Last day for the 2011 tours. I really enjoyed this group of 6 guys over the last week. What a hoot! Wild winds but still plenty of birds. We opted to take the early boat and see what we could score as we headed south. We did OK! Some birds were seen only briefly by a few which meant that not everyone saw everything, but everyone saw something:

Stopping at Loch of Voe we scored 2-3 ‘Northwest’ Redpoll and a briefly seen Eastern-type Lesser Whitethroat

Northwest Redpoll,  Loch of Voe, Mainland Shetland, Sept.  2011 © Rich Baines. Perhaps a bit small and pale for classic Greenland rostrata, we wondered if they were more ‘Icelandic rostrata‘- a scary zone! The ‘Flamboreans’ found 2-3 of  these about a week earlier in the same place.

Carrying on south, a juvenile Pallid Harrier flew right across the road near Channerwick and behind the minibus. Seemingly most likely the Hillwell bird wandering further north.

juvenile Pallid Harrier, Hillwell, Shetland, October 2011 © Roger Riddington.

The farmyard at Fleck was next where the 1st winter Citrine Wagtail gave good if brief views to some. we did try for the Isabelline Shrike at Hillwell but time ran finally ran out. What a great group and another – really it was- amazing week on Shetland.

juvenile Citrine Wagtail, Fleck, South Mainland, Shetland, October 2011 © Dougie Preston

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