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Fakenham Great Grey Shrike update

Neither one nor the other Yesterday I viewed with others a fuller set of photos of the Fakenham Great Grey Shrike. It was possible for the first time to see full details of the degree of white at the base of the inner secondaries and in … Continue reading

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Birding Frontiers – Prize Giveaway

Mystery Bird Call Happy New Year! Just for Fun, over the New Year period, here is a bird which I recorded calling on Linosa in early November 2011. Listen to Mystery Bird Call >>here<< First person* to correctly identify it … Continue reading

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You’re invited…

To blast off into 2012! Coming Soon. There are a few places left. All levels of experience catered for. North Wales Day Tour 12th January (Thursday).  Join me and Alan and Ruth of The Biggest Twitch! North Wales Day Tour. 2 places left.  More here Gull Masterclass Days 18th January (Wednesday) Gull … Continue reading

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homeyeri Great Grey Shrike

Norfolk Some lively discussion via email last night and on phone today with top Norfolk birding buddies Andy Stoddart and Mark Golley. Marcus Nash had flagged up the Fakenham Great Grey Shrike and both Andy and Mark had independently gone to see the bird; both … Continue reading

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Moussier’s Redstart

Plumage not in the books I’ve not even had chance to talk about other stuff seen on Linosa, such as Moltoni’s Warbler, Spectacled Warbler, Sardinian Warbler, Laughing Dove, Serin and Corn Bunting, Quail, Wryneck,  grey and rufous Skylarks, Firecrest, Scopoli’s … Continue reading

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High in the Sky

Linosa Diaries- Overhead It’s a volcanic island with a lack of easy landing for some species and some birds are highly aerial anyway. Here’s a flavour of some very interesting birds seen essentially overhead during my 10 days on Linosa in November 2011. All photos taken early November 2011 and © Michele … Continue reading

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The Linosa Interview

M.I.S.C. It’s the lettering on the really beautiful T-shirts. M.I.S.C. Roughly transliterated: a Malady (sickness) for Isolated Islands at the Chronic stage. Love it! Embossed with a Red-flanked Bluetail  (2 found so far on Linosa) and Yellow-browed Warbler (c16 while we were … Continue reading

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Lost my Mojo

Linosa Diaries (cont’d) Rare bird hunting, migration watching, tiny island dwelling. It’s a game of highs and lows. I arrived on Linosa in early November, having already had a very good autumn. However it was a place, with a mix of birds, with which I was unfamiliar. I had the warmest of welcomes which was maintained throughout. … Continue reading

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Canon Camera/ lens request

Just a wee request Am looking into getting Canon D7 body and 400mm lens (f5.6). I am interested in really good 2nd hand gear. If you have suggestions/ recommendations please send an email. Thanks.

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