Scarborough to Telford

then Sheffield

There a 2 or more adult argentatus Herring Gulls with orange rings on legs in the Sheffield areas right now. I managed to read the ring of one. Fascinating story. Ringed as a first winter near Scarborough, North Yorkshire, he/she was seen near Telford (Shropshire) in December 2009 and not since- up to last week on a tin roof in Sheffield. Meanwhile of course it summers probably somewhere in Northern Norway. If you see an orange ring on a Herring Gull- try and read it (or any gull for that matter, and discover another story).

David Williams of  Sheffield made contact with Andy Baxter who very kindly proved the details for orange ring 1768:

Thanks for this – the bird was ringed as part of a student project looking at the use of landfill sites by ‘coastal’ Herring gulls. 1768 was ringed at Seamer landfill as part of a cannon net catch as a 1st year bird on the 30th November 2007. Subsequent to that, we have only had one other sighting reported from Telford on 28th  Dec 2009. Yours is the third record.

Many thanks,



More Caspian action

In Sheffield today. way to go Andy Deighton with this adult on the increasingly visited roofs at Owlerton.

adult Caspian Gull, Owlerton, Sheffield, 20 Dec. 2011. Andy Deighton


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