Birding Frontiers – Prize Giveaway

Mystery Bird Call

Happy New Year!

Just for Fun, over the New Year period, here is a bird which I recorded calling on Linosa in early November 2011.

Listen to Mystery Bird Call >>here<<

First person* to correctly identify it gets a choice of

a)     Free Birding Frontiers Memory Stick (packed with 25 ID articles)

b)      £10 off a Birding Frontiers event in 2012

*Linosa birders and Magnus Robb need not apply!

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13 Responses to Birding Frontiers – Prize Giveaway

  1. Tim Jones says:

    Desert Grey Shrike (dodsoni) ?

  2. Michael McNaghten says:

    Moussier’s Redstart??

  3. Mike Langman says:

    It sounds like an odd European Robin to me I have one that makes these very strange calls on my local patch. Sardinian Warbler in background toward the end?

  4. Simon Woolley says:

    Sounds a bit like a Moussier’s call – but you didn’t get one on Linosa, did you?

  5. James Robson says:

    Sandinian Warbler?

  6. Pete Kinsella says:

    Moltoni`s Warbler

  7. Somewhat reminiscent of Short-toed Lark and then a Robin-like “tik” in the end…

  8. Alan Matthews says:

    Yellow-breasted Bunting?

  9. Hugh Delaney says:

    Robin redbrest

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  11. Phil Bishop says:

    Moltoni’s Warbler for me

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