You’re invited…

To blast off into 2012!

Coming Soon. There are a few places left. All levels of experience catered for.

North Wales Day Tour

12th January (Thursday).  Join me and Alan and Ruth of The Biggest Twitch! North Wales Day Tour. 2 places left.  More here

Gull Masterclass Days

18th January (Wednesday) Gull Masterclass Day, Saltholme RSPB  £35 per person more here  a few places left

Sold Out 21st January (Saturday) Gull Masterclass Day, Saltholme RSPB  £35 per person more here a few places left

For a fuller list of 2012 events see here

some kind feedback:

The gull day was ace, I was sort of into gulls before and now I am fully into them! Really fascinating and getting to meet people such as Martin and Chris Gibbins who are really enthusiastic and keen to pass on their knowledge was the highlight of the day! Learnt a heck of a lot more in one day than I have in years of staring at gulls and will hopefully be going to another Masterclass in the New Year, thoroughly recommended!”

Tim Jones

I came away from the day with a much better understanding of feather tracts and moult in gulls.  Martin’s enthusiasm and focus on the significant features made it all seem much clearer.  What’s more, it was all good fun!

Chris Hind

It was an excellent day last week really enjoyed it. I thought we had double value with Chris Gibbins being there! The main benefit for many of us on the day was the opportunity to discuss ID within a group and then  ask for final advice/confirmation. I would definitely be interested in any future ones you do in other parts of the country please keep me informed. 

Rich Baines

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  1. Chatterbirds says:

    That gull trip sounds fantastic!

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