Bangor Bird Club

Blast from the Past

I will be speaking this coming Wednesday evening 11th January to the  Bangor Bird Group (N. Wales). 7:30pm. Looking forward to revisiting an area which was a critical part of my early birding experience and seminal to many things I have discovered since. More here

Followed by a day out along the North Wales coast. The run out along the North Wales coast was a favourite, often in early January from my Cheshire home nearly 300 years ago (in the early years of my birding experience). Looking forward to a fun couple of days. If you are in/ near the area …

Hope to see you there!


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One Response to Bangor Bird Club

  1. Russ Heselden says:

    You’re wearing very well for someone who is over 300 years old! You must have seen a lot of changes in that time…

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