Great Grey Shrike

at Wroot

Went to see this bird y’day morning (7th Jan). Keen to see it as it has drawn some comment in the homeyeri genes’ debate (whether some Great Grey Shrikes reaching Britain have intergrade characters of the more southeastern form homeyeri). Finally found it along same fence-line as 2 Common Buzzard and 1 Kestrel ‘predator alley’. Pleased with my slowly improving efforts at digiscoping/ video (it was very windy!)

This 1st winter Great Grey is clearly the same bird ringed at Spurn on 7th November

1st winter Great Grey Shrike, Spurn 7th Nov. 2011 © Spurn Bird Obs. Sharp eyes and careful ‘forensic analysis’ have established: its the same! Fascinating to see part of this bird’s journey.

Nearby 2 Bewick’s Swans accompanied c 52 Whoopers and c 20 Mute Swan and as I left c 120 Pink-feet Geese flew over.


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One Response to Great Grey Shrike

  1. So where does that leave the Fakenham bird? I did suspect that may be in wing moult when I saw it given the white patterning on the open and closed wing. The only thing I would really like to see better is the tail on the Fakenham bird but as it stands I wouldn’t be too quick to pass it off as an intergrade just yet. It certainly looks more pallid than the Spurn/Wroot bird. Interesting times and thank you Martin for providing a forum for us to discuss ID and racial identification in a safe environment free from cyber-warriors.

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