more on 2nd winter Kumlien’s Gull

from North East Scotland

Thanks to the wonderful Chris Gibbins, who ‘texted’ on Saturday to say he was having Kumlien’s and Iceland Gull fun as we perseverd in Teesside. His blog here.

He found this 2nd winter Kumliens’ Gull



and more on 2nd winter Iceland Gull from N. Wales

…the one that got labelled as a Glaucous. Here it is coming in and then couple flight shots showing big white tips to inner primaries and plain white rump– unlike the Kumlien’s type (which also had barring on rump- see below). They are very similar  looking, especially from below) but not the same. One headed off west and the second was seen a few minutes later far off to he east. Dark iris and bit of tail band on the paler Iceland. Maybe it was pale kumlieni ; )  – ooooooh , don’t go there!


and below, another of the Kumlien’s type thing. More on that bird.


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