2 Caspians + baby Yellow-legged

Stubber’s Green 26th  Jan 2012

I was nearly tempted to claim 3 adult Caspian Gulls today. I was at the urban gull mecca of Stubber’s Green in the West Midlands. Cold but good! I managed to dig out at least 2 adult Caspian Gulls, a lovely advanced moult Yellow-legged Gull (1st winter), which was my favourite bird of the day, and a scarily pale young Lesser Black-backed type.Yellow-legged Gull is very cool I think!

Dedicated to all those who have recently been in Gull Masterclass days:

Adult Caspian one:



Adult Caspian two


Adult Caspian (presumed no. one again later in day)

a quick burst of preening argentatus (Northern Herring Gull) to compare:

Caspian one and ? probably two? in flight over nearby tip

Number one:


Number two



First winter Yellow-legged Gull– an easy one!


young and pale and scary Lesser Black-backed type Gull



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