nearly grown up Iceland Gull

Stubbers Green, 27th Jan 2012

Another great couple of hours spent at this prime urban gulling sight. Enjoyed meeting Kevin Clements as we watched the returning Iceland Gull (now in its 3rd or 4th winter??) fly in. Meanwhile 2 adult Caspian Gulls performed well, one of them a different bird from yesterday, a well-known large male. I reckon then I really did see 3 adults yesterday- certainly there are 3 adult Caspian Gulls in the area. Fab! More on them coming, for now the Iceland  Gull (what age is it?):

Now planning some Gull Masterclasses, thank to Kevin, at Stubbers Green. SOON! Contact me if interested.






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2 Responses to nearly grown up Iceland Gull

  1. Neil Hagley says:

    3rd winter. One very similar at Shawell Leics for the last two weeks. Pale washed out bill with sub terminal band. Sandy hints to coverts etc. This one has a nice ‘hood’ unlike the Leics bird which is also an apparently really small female.

    • Martin Garner says:

      hi Neil

      thanks for that. I would have said that age too. Interestingly it is reckoned to be a returning bird, so I was wondering if any West Midlands birders knew which year it appears in ass a first winter?


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