2nd winter Caspian Gull

Stubber’s 31st Jan 2012

Gave it one more shot for frustrating 1st winter. No joy there, but great afternoon. Small crowd now gathering! I picked up very handsome 2nd winter Caspian Gull which was new, plus the big adult male Caspian Gull still, 4th winter Iceland Gull, a striking ‘pale-winged gull’ and a couple of other curiosities that raised more questions than answers. More on them soon. I will be coming back soon.. Hoping to do some Gull Masterclasses here with encouragements of Kevin C. and Graham E.




This next clip has nice shots of underwing early on and as it preens:


and drinking water at it swims along…


Stubber’s Green was popular today (and rightly so). One chap got 2 ‘life ticks’.



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