Curious Gull 1

Stubber’s Green, January 2012

Besides the more obviously interesting birds such as Caspian, Yellow-legged and Iceland Gulls, as ever with carefull gull watching there were several curious and interesting birds this last week at Stubber’s Green, West Midlands.

Here’s one which falls inevitably into the category of presumed Glaucous Gull influence in a  Herring Gull. Certainly I have seen similarly pale birds in Varanger, Arctic Norway which are usually presumed to be some kind of Glaucous/ Herring hybrid mix.



Thanks to Jason Atkinson for these excellent shots of the same bird







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3 Responses to Curious Gull 1

  1. Adam Hutt says:

    Can you rule out ‘just’ a pale argentatus?

    • Martin Garner says:

      Hey Adam

      well that’s possible though I think this one pushes the limits of that idea. need a known hybrid offspring I suppose- preferably ringed and see how it progresses. Certainly I suspect enough hybridization goes on in NE Europe between these that such things shouldn’t surprise (hybrid Glaucous/ Herring pair in Shetland plus many known form Iceland). Are you getting into gulls then?


      • Adam Hutt says:

        Hi Martin,

        Always been interested enough in Gulls from my days living in north east as North Shields fish quay was nearby so always saw lots of white wingers. But these days I do go out looking at them but so many other things to do with ringing etc its not my priority. Like counting them migrating at Spurn but obviously hard trying to pick out something different when just flying past. We actually see quite a few pale looking birds like the one in the pics which are large looking too and sometimes give the impression of a Glaucous on first glance on days when lots are moving south.


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