Hume’s Leaf Warbler

Calls in the Cold

Within half an hour of leaving Schiphol airport (10th Feb 2012) Arjan and I were looking for the Hume’s Warbler at Katwijk. Apart from a couple of distant calls, a 3 day wait ensued before I got a proper show. With Sander and Nils we had excellent time with the bird, mainly listening to calls while it remained hard to see well in the pine canopy. One of the calls was a lovely somewhat Chiffchaff -like monosyllabic call, only heard a couple of times and new to me. P.S. I also overlooked a block of flats into which a White’s Thrush flew and died (in the 1980’s) as we listened to the Hume’s Warbler (in 2012). Quite a place!

Call One ‘typical’: here

Call Two monosyllabic: here

(n.b. a calling Great Tit tries to drown out the monosyllabic call but you can hear it). More Hume’s Warbler recordings and links.

Hume’s Warbler calls by Sander Bot, Katwijk, 13th Feb. 2012

I managed a couple of rubbish photos, and René kindly sent me some better ones of his.


I returned again on the 14th  Feb with René van Rossum and Frank for more brief views and calls, and Rene let me use a  couple of his pics (below), taken previously.




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4 Responses to Hume’s Leaf Warbler

  1. Hi Martin

    Good to hear you had a good time in our little town, but that thrush…? Did I miss something? ;-)) Or do you mean that bird in the 80s?


  2. Luuk Punt says:

    It was nice meeting you on the seabrid migration hot spot “Savoy” in Katwijk last Tuesday, Martin.
    Hope to meet you there again and offer you a nice cup coffee. 🙂


  3. Martin Garner says:

    you too Luuk and thanks for the pics also. see you there again I hope


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