female Green-winged Teal identification

side by side comparison 

Identification of female type Green-winged Teal has been a little pet interest of mine for a while. Have even written about it a few times elsewhere. Here then a nice refresher and update from Slimbridge WWT warden, James Lees, comparing adult females of captive Green-winged Teals and Eurasian Teal, side by side: Can you see all the little, but helpful differences? YES you can identify them in the field!

Great job James, ta very much. All photos copyright James Lees at Slimbridge WWT, Feb 2012

captive adult female Green-winged Teal, Slimbridge WWT, Feb 2012.

Head patterns: Green-winged Teal (left) with Eurasian Teal (right)

Upperwings: Green-winged Teal (above) with Eurasian Teal (below)

Undertail region: Eurasian Teal (left) with Green-winged Teal (right)



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