Thank You Kent!

Plenty O’ birds

Just  over a week ago (9th Feb.), had an excellent day out with Marcus Lawson followed by very enjoyable evening with the Kent Ornithological Society. Spent most of the day birding in the Dungeness area, warm welcome from obs warden, David Walker and a wonderful variety of birds seen included plenty of Smew, geese, included Eurasian White-fronts, a locally scarce Pale-bellied Brent, a bunch of Woodcock, a Bittern in flight, couple of Chiffchaff, 3 Bearded Tit and  best, an obliging  Cetti’s Warbler feeding out in the open.

Cetti’s Warbler, Dungeness ARC hide, 9th Feb. 2012

Thanks to Marcus for warm welcome, hospitality, sharp eyes and lots of organising and for the folk I met and chatted with in Maidstone.



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One Response to Thank You Kent!

  1. Marcus Lawson says:

    It was my pleasure Martin, glad that you had a good time although it was a shame that there were so few large gulls at Dunge. The talk was incredibly well received and I will forward you the very positive comments made by some of the attendees. Hope to see you again in Kent sometime soon,

    Many thanks and all the best,

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