Long Call of Caspian Gull

The Scrape, Minsmere,  9th March 2012

Venue of the annual BBRC AGM. I arrived to text from Alan Davies saying there were Caspian Gulls on the scrape. Quick drive around to Dunwich car park, paid an extortionate £5 to park and heading to east hide. Excellent gull watching produced I think up to 6 Caspian Gulls, 5 of which in the company of Dave Fairhurst before he had to go.

Here’s my favourite. A third winter (4th cal year) bird, I think, though aging gulls at this stage isn’t always straightforward. If you haven’t seen the open-winged long call (‘albatross posture’) of Caspian Gull- worth a watch. It does it a bit but not for whole call. Unfortunately the camera doesn’t pick up the actual call (at least I can’t hear it!). So go here to listen to the distinctive noise.



the video showcases:

* the often aggressive behaviour of Caspian Gull

* something of the wing opening part of the long call

* a very sexy looking gull!

More to come…


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