The Caspians of Minsmere

and a head scratcher

Few more Pics of some of the gulls on Minsmere scrape from last Friday (9th March). It was an excellent mixture with all ages of both Caspian and Yellow-legged Gull. Would have made a good gull masterclass! Didn’t try to photograph everything but here’s a few of the Caspian’s as well as one of those that left me head scratching. The first winter that Dave F. picked up was a stunner, but quickly flew off:

a classy first winter Caspian which didn’t hang around



A preening adult Caspian (one of 2)

and the head scratcher. The plumage on this one looked OK for 2nd winter (3rd cal year) Caspian Gull, including nice almost wholly white underwings, but the head shape, bill structure and rather pale iris at this age said not ideal. Caspian genes maybe, so I labelled it ‘pseudo- Caspian.’


Here it is preening on video

and one more:

answers on a postcard…



and this 3rd winter again doings its long call- a real stunner!


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