Great Grey Shrike and Red Kite Surprise

Ramsley Moor near Sheffield

Went out this morning with Sheffield’s ace insect (and other animals) expert, Paul Richards. Our little plan was to try to get an early Adder. Lack of real warming sunshine prevented that. However we scored! A Great Grey Shrike was a surprise find and a Red Kite skirting the edge of Leash Fen was my first ever in the Sheffield area being mobbed by a Buzzard. Other birds included flushed Woodcock, single Crossbill over, 3 Teal on Ramsley res., and a kettle of 5 Common Buzzards. c 10 Red Deer were distant on Big Moor.

Great Grey Shrike on Ramsley Moor. A regular spot for ’em, always good value.

Check out the videos:



Red Kite over Leash Fen- whoop!

Viviparous Lizard– often referred to as Common Lizard, viviparous means gives birth to live young (no eggs to hatch). We watched the Shrike catch a lizard and later found this one trying to warm up (and maybe needing to avoid the Shrike). (photo: Paul Richards)

Excellent lesson in Centipedes and Millipedes from Paul included  2 Lithobius variegatus, ‘Striped Centipede’: see the alternate dark/light bands on the legs. (Paul Richards)


The very pretty lichen Cladonia christatella (‘Red Soldier’) was putting on a good show.


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4 Responses to Great Grey Shrike and Red Kite Surprise

  1. What a brill morning, Martin! Who needs Adders when you can have a Peak District Red Kite? Can’t wait to get out there again to watch the Snake eagles.

  2. Tony Davison says:

    Hi Martin

    Your Red Kite looks remarkably like the one we found near to Carsington on Sunday morning. The left wing was very distinctive appearing to have a primary missing from what we saw of it.
    Also good strong carpel bar. Check my website there is a photo of it on my blog..

  3. Jim Clarke says:

    Get thee sen to Hatfield Martin; 5 basking Adders within earshot of a singing Red-necked Grebe this morning

  4. Dan Martin says:

    Hi Martin, had the GG Shrike at Wraggs Quarry on Beeley a couple of weeks ago and it’s suggested that yours is a second bird with possibly even three in the general area. We have also had a Red Kite on our patch, Wyver Lane, that had a primary missing from its left wing two weeks ago. They obviously roam at this time of year but could we also be recording different birds moulting primaries?

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