End of season: Gull Masterclass Days


The winter season has now finished for Gull Masterclasses in the UK, though I expect plenty of learning for myself as I head off to Israel. Then of course there is Varanger and the Gullfest coming soon! Just wanted to say thanks for all those who attended and made each event such an enjoyable time for me.

Stubber’s Green, West Midlands in February 2012

The most overlooked,interesting gull plumage in the UK? This one on the West Midlands gull day in Feb. 2012. Can you work  out what it is?

Finishing at the Chasewater Roost. Thanks especially to Kevin Clements and Graham Evans

North Wales gang, 3rd march 2012. Thanks especially to Marc Hughes, Julian Hughes and Conway RSPB reserve.

North Cheshire, 17th March after scoring on Arpley Tip. Thanks especially to Bill Morton, Mark Payne, Paul Cassidy (and Waste Recycling Group) and for background info Jason Atkinson, Tom McKinney, Pete Kinsella and Ian McKerchar.

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2 Responses to End of season: Gull Masterclass Days

  1. I guess it is a (rather worn) 2cy YLG.

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