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Semi-collared Flycatcher

Calls and conundrums IF they call, listening to and especially recording calls can be very helpful in separating the black and white ficedula flycatchers in all of the ‘trickier’ plumages (i.e. pretty much everything that isn’t adult male!). Could be helpful with … Continue reading

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Bird of Dreams

Hawk Owl The odd character by Vincent van der Spek at the Gullfest, in Arctic Norway, April 2012 Pine Grosbeaks within touching distance after a hilarious dog sledge ride, flocks of King Eiders in all plumages and ages, Steller’s Eiders … Continue reading

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Iberian Chiffchaff

Grimston, East Yorkshire, June 2010 To compare. Getting a head around variation in wacky singing Chiffchaffs, so-called mixed singers and real (and variable) Iberian Chiffchaffs has proved testing (again) this spring. Having been asked to comment on birds in Sussex and Cambridge and still being an … Continue reading

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Steller’s Eider

One of many highlights from Gullfest 2012! When Martin asked me to pick out a species that was a particular highlight from our recent trip to the first ever Arctic Gullfest on the Varanger Peninsula, I had to think hard. … Continue reading

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Tengmalm’s Owl

What a moment! Some things you can’t expect. I knew there had been a Tengmalm’s Owl competing for territory with a Hawk Owl (pretty cool in itself!). It seemed that the Hawk Owl had won out, as we heard (the female?) calling … Continue reading

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Superb Southern Seabirds

Streaked Shearwater and friends One day? Paul Walbridge’s latest ‘Southport pelagic’ from 4 days ago netted these mouth-watering photos.  Thanks to Paul and Graham. Be pretty cool to see some of these. One day… maybe? Streaked Shearwater in company with two … Continue reading

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Eastern Common Tern – did one frequent Minsmere in 2011?

Eastern Common Tern – did one frequent Minsmere in 2011? By David H Hatton, Royston, Herts, UK In the late spring of 2011, I took a holiday based at Westleton, Suffolk, for a week together with fellow birding friend Tim Wilson … Continue reading

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