Rock Thrush

A Jewel Bird

Guess one of these would be a popular rare bird in the UK today. Way back when, I went down for the (somewhat controversial) Isle of Sheppey bird in early 1983, then saw one bouncing around on Scilly in autumn 1984. The month of April has previous…

What I learnt last week is that, in Eilat, in spring the birds and the birding just never stops. To an almost exhausting level! You have the stuff you want to see, the stuff you going looking for, the cryptic stuff and then the stuff that just pops up unexpectedly.

Rock Thrushes fell into the last category.

Just a delight when this montane species appears brightening up everything from razor wire to acacia trees. I also saw several Blue Rock Thrushes, but for me the Rock Thrush takes the biscuit.

male Rock Thrush– pretty unmistakable

male Rock Thrush. Is it possible to age them in the spring? Dunno myself.



female Rock Thrush. A little dowdier than the males with more scaling and spotting below- still looking good!

all photos southern Israel, March- April 2012 copyright Martin Garner


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