1st summer male Citrine Wagtail

Yotvata, S. Israel

Certainly a Citrine Wagtail, probably ‘werae‘. Another little surprise in late March during a morning spent at a magical sewage works near Yotvata. I also think it is a first summer male and with characters perhaps closer to werae- though not going to argue the toss; many males deemed indistinguishable from nominate citreola.  Looks like the flight feathers are old brownish and  juvenile. The mostly yellow cheeks say male but the extensive dark on crown mean it can’t be a full adult either. Werae characters perhaps are the more extensive dark on crown than citreola, the lack of grey on the flanks, paler grey upperparts and…dunno. Wondering why it has that darker patch of feathers mostly on the left side scapulars and back?

What do you think? Nice bird anyway!




You can listen to a recording of the call >HERE<

and here is the sonagram. Classic rasping Citrine.


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