The “Infinite Possibility” Tour

Israel, 22nd-29th November 2012

Join me on

The “Infinite Possibility” Tour

I will be leading a tour November 2012 with James Smith, top guide in all things Israel. Israeli birders call November the month of ‘infinite possibilities’. November has a special Asian flavour. Recent years have included rarities like Blyth’s Pipit, probable Asian Red-rumped Swallow, Kurdistan Wheatear, Pin-tailed Snipe, Siberian Buff-bellied Pipit and Grey Hypocolius. Birds of prey like Long-legged Buzzard, Steppe Eagle, large falcons and Eastern Imperial Eagle are regular. Local colourful specialities like Lichtenstein’s Sandgrouse (+4 other sandgrouse species) and Little Green Bee-eater; the rare Sociable Lapwing, up to 3 types of Eastern Stonechat, common and rarer lark species such as Oriental Skylark, maybe Asian Desert Warbler- in fact too many interesting species to list! Expect to see up to 185 species in a week of inspirational birding. Under-explored by other travel companies- enjoy feeling of having the feeling of having southern Israel to ourselves.

Chance to use state of the art sound recording stuff and all things in a spirit of ‘always discovering’

Who knows what we might see?

* More information here

* Want to see last year’s Trip report? Contact Me

* More info or to book just Contact Me

Here, just a few species on the target list

McQueen’s Bustard

White-crowned Black Wheatear

Steppe Eagle with Steppe Buzzards

Pale Scops Owl

Siberian Buff-bellied Pipit (Yoav Perlman)

Black-bellied Sandgrouse

Temminck’s Horned Lark

Caspian Stonechat (variagatus)

Isabelline Wheatear

Grey Hypocolius

juvenile Namaqua Dove


Trumpeter Finch

and maybe try for one of these:

Tamarisk (Nubian) Nightjar

etc etc etc!!

plenty of other wildlife too e.g.


Egyptian Mastigure

Dorcas Gazelle

Lots more on Birding in Israel from excellent sources:

Israel IOC Birds and Birding

Israeli Birding Website

Yoav Perlman’s Birding Blog with stunning images

Eilat Birding

New Birding Israel website

Israeli Bird Ringing Blog

Did I miss any??! Have a browse through these and the stunning variety of birds to be seen.

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One Response to The “Infinite Possibility” Tour

  1. Shalom. I met Martin last month in Eilat Israel. He is very kind. I added a picture he photographed to my website . The birds’ world is small. hope we will meet again.

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