Quiz birds: 4 Mystery Raptors

Eilat, late March 2012

Much to share on Arctic Norway and Israel. Perhaps do some alternate posts for a while. So for now a little quiz photo– just for fun.

Raptor migration is truly remarkable in southern Israel. I took this shot early one morning in the Eilat mountains. 4 species present flying close together.

What do you think they are?




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11 Responses to Quiz birds: 4 Mystery Raptors

  1. Espen says:

    ad. greater spotted eagle + 3 long legged buzzard?

  2. from right to left – Long-legged Buzzard, Bonelli’s Eagle, Spotted Eagle and ………dunno? Honey Buzzard? I’ll have another look after more wine!

  3. Red kite, black kite, long legged buzzard and an eagle – can’t be sure bout any! 😉

  4. Harry Hussey says:

    left to right: Black Kite, adult type Steppe Eagle (this is a “best guess” scenarion given the slight lack of clarity making a lot of features hard to evaluate), Marsh Harrier (hidden behind the eagle) and adult “Steppe Buzzard” (vulpinus).

  5. Harry Hussey says:

    Should have read “scenario”, of course!

  6. Sacha Barbato says:

    Black Kite, Steppe Buzzard and Booted Eagle in background… As for the big Aquila, I am never any good at those.. Steppe Eagle?

  7. Boo hiss! I hate raptors (identifying them I mean!). But – my guess would be (L to R): Black Kite, Great Spotted, Bonelli’s and Long-legged Buzzard

  8. PS The ‘Bonelli’s’ might be Booted!

  9. I’m not much of a raptor man, but I almost agree with Dave: Black Kite, Greater Spotted Eagle, Booted Eagle en vulpinus Buzzard.

  10. Pete Kinsella says:

    Black Kite, Greater Spotted Eagle,Booted Eagle,Steppe Buzzard.

  11. Mark Reeder says:

    Black Kite, Greater Spotted Eagle, Booted Eagle and Steppe Buzzard

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