Flamborough Flycatcher

No Interviews

Went this morning. Beautiful conditions before anticipated inclement weather of next couple of days. Hoping, hoping to record a call. Good chance it would be identifiable with a recording. Unfortunately in 2.5 hours I managed less than a minute of views and no calls.

the black and white ficedula at Flamborough: No interviews today!

Plenty of Black caps around, several Bullfinch, singing phylloscs and what sounded like a burst of Wood Warbler- just once.

This Great Spotted Woodpecker entertained. Being a bit paler than some you see, I did wonder about the nominate form ‘Northern Great Spot’, which is a scarce/ rare migrant in Britain. I suppose one could occur returning to Scandinavia in May.

Anyway the bill shape on this one is more British  and so too is the tail pattern I think…? There is some difference in the black and white pattern in the wings, but I would need to look that up. Photos of Scandinavian birds to compare would be interesting…




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8 Responses to Flamborough Flycatcher

    • Martin Garner says:

      Excellent thanks Sandre- so many more photos around than when I was first looking at this years a go

  1. I have loads of Great Spotted Woodpecker from the forest here in Bro – Uppland, Stockholm. I’ll sort through some and email them over. Keep up the great blogging, really interesting.

    • Martin Garner says:

      Yes please John- interesting subject as I think you can do (some) nominate ‘Northern’ birds in the field.

  2. Scott Mayson says:

    Hi Martin

    I watched The flycatcher on the 4th May for about an hour, in which time it called several times, often for periods of 10-20 seconds. On comparing it to Pied it seemed to high pitched more like Collard but maybe not quite as long. I thought I also heard a distant Redstart singing but on reflection and on listening to a recording of Collard Flycatcher song think it was more likely to be the flycatcher. The link below has some video I took and at around 0:59 and 1:01 it is possible to hear 3-4 high pitched calls (may need headphones) which were from the flycatcher.

    Hope this helps

    • Martin Garner says:


      A wee break through, thanks Scott. Must admit a bit gripped off as it is clearly singing! I just can’t hear it. I struggled a little to be sure what I was hearing in regard to calls so asked Magnus Robb as we having been discussing this bird since it turned up. he came back wasn’t sure about the higher pitched call but one call did sounds v like Iberian Pied- but can’t say for sure for obvious reasons. So done a post on it to fill in details.
      Wouldn’t it be great to ID it on the bird’s call?!

      thanks again- still gripped!


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