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Yellow-billed Stork in Turkey

Anything is possible! by Tristan Turkish birder and photographer Emin Yoğurtcuoğlu recently contacted me with the exciting news that he had photographed a Yellow-billed Stork at Mogan Gölü, (Ankara Province). The bird was found by two Turkish photographers and constitutes the 4th … Continue reading

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White and Red-spotted Bluethroats

Prologue by Martin. Just a quick note. I won’t normally do this for new team member posts! Already some great posts. Yet again this one epitomizes what we are about. It’s new material, not fully tested, invited you to share in the process of discovery. In … Continue reading

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X Factor Birding + Prize Quiz Q

I really liked this signage! (left to right) Gerald Driessens (Belgium), Martin Garner, Corey Finger (U.S.A.) and Nils van Duivendijk (Netherlands). photo Dale Forbes. I discovered on the Hungary trip that Swedish birders make a big X sign when they see a new bird. I love it! So … Continue reading

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Orange-spotted Bluethroat in-the-hand

in Estonia, Part 2 Uku wrote previously here and this is a follow-up to that post. This is the male White-spotted Bluethroat with an ‘orange spot’ (but still white at the feather bases and actually visible as such in the field). “Hi Martin! I had … Continue reading

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Varanger – The “Harleking”

From the Northern Frontier by Tormod I was planning on writing a rather elaborate first Birding Frontiers post, about designing maps that are dedicated to birders. I will have to come back to that idea later. Living in a premium … Continue reading

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Little Swift – New Brighton

A Juvenile but from where? by Martin and Nils Swifts are amazing. Just their biology/ life history can be a jaw dropper. The Little Swift at New Brighton was yet another British record of the species which appears to be in fresh, full juvenile plumage. Little … Continue reading

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More on those pesky redpolls

The redpoll complex seems to have been a popular topic for a debut post…  Good feedback on orange-/yellow-/golden-polled redpolls suggests that they are uncommon – but not that unusual – and that was new to me at least. Hugh Insley even … Continue reading

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New Era for Birding Frontiers

The Team Approach Exciting times!  I have recently been musing about moving the Birding Frontiers project to a more team-based approach. I am a big fan of teams = collaboration, different skill sets and experiences, plus the fun of working and learning together. So … Continue reading

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British First: DNA of Siberian Chiffchaff

6th November 2011 Well done to the guys at Landguard Bird Observatory for adding to the ongoing data on vagrant Siberian Chiffchaffs.  Will Brame sent the photos and info on the bird below. It was trapped on 6th November 2011 at  the observatory in Suffolk. … Continue reading

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