Red Letter Day

29th May 2012

Bit of a red letter day for me personally! Guiding at Spurn and finding a European Roller with Kieren Allinson, should have been enough for anyone’s day. We also found a Turtle Dove and saw  a Golden Oriole, before heading drove north…to Hartlepool, where we saw the ‘Orphean Warbler’. Incredible! bit more on the warbler later. For now, nice to see the Roller has turned up a little further north in Aldbrough for more people to enjoy.

 European Roller, Spurn, 29th May 2012

It’s some day when Golden Oriole and (rare) migrant Turtle Dove become also rans…

Turtle Dove, Spurn peninsula, 29th May 2012. A fine start to a day which just got better and….

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