More: Eastern Orphean Warbler

Identification clarity

Thanks to Peter Kennerley for these images of Eastern Orphean Warblers taken in Armenia on 31st May 2007.  Once again they helpfully showcase the plumage and especially the pattern of the tail feathers, when compared to Western Orphean Warblers.  Having learnt yet more from Lars S. and others the case for the Hartlepool bird is an identifiable Western, keep on being underlined. Photos of Western Orphean Warbler showing tail feathers very welcome!

Male One:


Male 2




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2 Responses to More: Eastern Orphean Warbler

  1. You might be interested in seeing an Eastern Orphean Warbler from Norway. It is a first summer bird, but in early september:

  2. Laurie Allan says:

    You might be interested or have already seen this article with regard to the Libyan population of Orpheans to dd grist to the mill……..

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