The Hartlepool Western Orphean Warbler – now with sound!

Alarm/ Contact Call

Tom Francis managed to capture the call of the recent Western Orphean Warbler at Hartlepool Headland as it was being processed in the hand.

You can listen to it <HERE>

I have made cursory comparison of calls of Eastern and Western birds. However there are several call types and the data is very limited. Still good to have this and perhaps it may ‘resolve’ with more research on similarities and differences between calls of Eastern and Western Orpheans. We are always learning!

1st summer male Western Orphean Warbler, Hartlepool, May 2012, Martyn Sidewell.

Also don’t miss this account of an Eastern Orphean Warbler in Norway in August- Sept. 2006. Both species have reached  N/W Europe. Both can be expected in the future.

1st summer male Eastern Orphean Warbler, Halten, Norway Aug-Sept 2006, Frode Falkenberg

Thanks to Tom Francis, Toby Collett, Magnus Robb, Frode Falkenberg, Chris Kehoe and Tris Reid.
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