Wilson’s Petrel

Peak Time

by Martin

We are entering the peak occurrence time (July and August) for Wilson’s Petrels in the NE Atlantic. Still a delight to see. My best was a land based observation from Brandon head, Kerry, Ireland that loitered for an hour in late August many years ago.

Just over a week ago we saw 2 Wilson’s right off the boat on a  Lanzarote pelagic. Both appeared to be adults as they were in heavy wing moult. The new wing coverts were rather silvery fringed. Loved the massive white wrap around rumps, and regular glimpses of the yellow webs.


Adult Wilson’s Storm Petrels, off Lanzarote, 30th June 2012

These are almost certainly of the nominate form oceanicus the other taxon chilensis, occuring in the Pacific- but I wonder if one of those smaller, ‘Fuegian Storm Petrels’ with white tips to underwing coverts to wander into the North Atlantic?


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