Bulwer’s Petrel

The Creature

by Martin

The water really is that colour! With capacity for 120,  less than 30 birders board, thus optimising views for all, and head some 25 mile north and east of Lanzarote. After Cory’s Shearwater, the commonest seabird seen was Bulwer’s Petrel. Not a bad pelagic then?

We saw some 60+ of these amazing creatures. Indeed after a few handfuls of Cory’s Shearwater’s and still well within eye sight of the shore live, the first appeared. Never really coming fully into the chum, they tended to whistle past. Seemingly ‘hunting’ low, close to the waves with longs wings bowed, fast-moving, quick turns and in the windy conditions, sometimes arcing up to shear like a Manx.

Flood and Fisher increase the species notoriety, labeling them ‘pterodactyl -like’. Just so pleased to have seen so many. So well. And where to they nest? At least one sight we saw was dry stone wall by main road. Seriously!

Never staying long, but plenty of chances to get familiar:

Bulwer’s Petrels, NE of Lanzarote, June 30th 2012, Martin Garner

and here is our boat, docked at day’s end:


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