Fieldwork in Honduras

Out of the clouds…

by Sam

After speaking to Martin about Birding Frontiers several weeks ago I am delighted to be part of such company and have been meaning to write a first post for some time. Expedition fieldwork is however, by nature, often a remote affair and far from the reaches of the internet!

For the past 5 weeks I have been working on fieldwork in Honduras, Central America, in the montane forests of Cusuco National Park in the west of the country near the Guatemalan border. This was part of a biodiversity monitoring effort as part of a large scientific team. More specifically, my work was under the ornithology side of things.

Stripe-tailed Hummingbird (Male)

Fascinating watching one of these hummingbirds washing on the wing (coming soon!).

Lots of other fantastic wildlife throughout..

Honduran Palm-viper (Bothriechis marchi)

More soon from this threatened but beautiful area..

About Sam Jones

I am an early-career ornithologist and conservation scientist and have been an avid birder and naturalist since childhood. I have been involved in a variety of work worldwide, particularly in expedition environments and field research throughout the new and old world tropics. Most recently this has taken place in Central America, Indonesian Borneo, Ethiopia and the islands of the South Pacific..
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