2nd Edition Memory Sticks

£10 including p and p

The First Edition sold out last Autumn. Over the winter I did a second edition for speaking events which included 6 new articles not on version one. There are  25 of these left – plus few kept back for prizes ;).

For Full List of 25 Original Articles click here (and scroll down)

6 New Articles:

  • Finding a Lanceolated Warbler
  • ID of first winter Daurian and Isabelline Shrikes
  • Black-headed and Red-headed Buntings in 1st winter plumage
  • Finding a Buff-bellied Pipit
  • The Arctic Norway Adventure
  • Pacific and Eurasian White-fronted Geese ID

To get your Birding Frontiers Memory Stick now with 31 top drawer articles

Simply send cheque for £10:00 (includes P & P) made payable to ‘Birding Frontiers’ and send to the address below. Make sure you include your name and address when sending the cheque. Send to:

Birding Frontiers

16, Daniel Hill Terrace,


Sheffield, S6 3JE

(or to make a direct bank transfer contact me)

“The Birding Frontiers memory stick is a tremendous resource if you have an interest in bird identification and problem solving with articles to suit every birders taste from gulls to geese and raptors to redstarts. Martin builds on the articles upon which the stick is based with updates and opinion so that the content gives you much more insight into the birding frontiers approach and opens up challenges to the reader to approach. The writing style is accessible allowing all levels to gain an appreciation of the problems and the possible solutions. An excellent addition to every birders library.”   James Spencer (more here)


About Martin Garner

I am a Free Spirit
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