Continental Black-tailed Godwit

Adult North Norfolk

Now is the time and North Norfolk, one of the best places to see continental Black-tailed Godwits. Last July I had excellent tutorial seeing an unringed adult and Nene washes ringed adult, both in North Norfolk. From this summer, Jonathan Farooqi writes:

Dear Martin,
Your recent article on limosa Black-tailed Godwits came in very useful in identifying a Black-tailed Godwit I found at Titchwell on the 9th of June. The fact that it was ringed helped as well! We discovered that it was ringed as a chick on 05/05/1999 at the Nene Washes, Cambridgeshire. It returned to its natal site to nest during 2002, 2003 and 2004. It was also seen on 06/06/2010 at Titchwell. I’ve attached a photo of it that I took which you might like to see.
 Have a nice summer,
Jonathan Farooqi

adult Continental Black-tailed Godwit, Titchwell RSPB reserve, 9th June 2012, by Jonathan Farooqi


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One Response to Continental Black-tailed Godwit

  1. Mark Golley says:

    Hi Martin
    I’ve been lucky enough to find at least five “new” limosas this week at Cley (between June 23rd-27th 2013) including the bird that Jonathan photographed at Titchwell last year (WY//WB) ~ he appeared here on 26th. Presumably a male, his plumage this year is far more intense than last year, richer, deeper tones of orange and rust, with a few more summer feathers on the mantle, scapulars and one or two coverts.The barring on the underparts is also much more intense this year. He’s a fine beastie! Two superb new males last night, four on Pat’s Pool in total, with the huge second summer (3cy) faded female and a petite scruffy summer male that’s been around since Monday.
    Good times!
    Mark G

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