Swarovski ATX/STX…

…and the very scary X men

The Swarovski  Optik promo tour to Hungary was made up of responsible, even sensible men and women. But they have another side

The X men of Hungary by Måns Karlsson

Very scary. That mix of fellas includes Nils van Duivendijk, Clay Taylor, Dale Forbes Gerald Driessens, Dominic Mitchell, Ricardo Pérez Rodríguez and me.

Actually Måns started this. Read Roadrunner to see way more X men. It’s a Swedish thing. (Do they do it naked in Sweden?). Of course we were up for it. It means we saw a NEW BIRD. Read on to find out what…

One of the BIG moments when ‘much wanted bird’ met ‘lets see what this new telescope can really do‘.

We had already tried once at this sight for the fabled Saker Falcon. No joy. We looked and we strung. We looked at Eastern Imperial Eagles and Common Buzzards (Nils and I even pushed for ‘intermediate Common/ Steppe). And we looked at Kestrels and strung Sakers. Some falcons with suspicious flight  but atrociously distant views (excellent stringing conditions), but no definite Sakers.

Some of our  group gave up, leaving small company to give it one more go 3 days later.

We arrived at the road side and after a few moments Gerald D. picked up a possible. I thought I could see the nest box he was looking at and trained my ‘scope on it. Nice but too small- surely a Kestrel. GD was insistent ‘ Look at this’. The I realised he was looking about another mile plus further on. Like a really long way off. Miles! We could see a larger falcon (well a tiny dot in a box), white breasted, surely at least a Saker candidate. A tiny dot, only discernible as interesting when the 95 ATX was pumped up to full 70 X mag. The new ATX ‘scope was (honestly) at this pont very very impressive. We then walked briskly for … hmm… maybe 45-50 minutes. STILL hundreds of metres away we could now clearly see a lovely adult Saker Falcon. Que the X men!

Adult Saker– worth excited and strange X rated reaction any day! Photo digiscoped through 95 mm ATX with compact camera- still a long way off by Gerald D.

A long long walk took as still several hundred metres from the bird. Having seen the same bird in the same box some 45 minutes plus walk away– the Swaro big mumma was very impressive.

Does he agree? Has he seen the light (or is it just my bad photo)?:

Nils practised his digiscoping with the new gear

Nils’ gets helping hand with new Swarovksi DCB II swing adapter– especially for compact cameras and new ATX/STX ‘scopes. Someone get him a new tripod!

This female flava wagtail was in the field next to our Saker viewing spot. We saw mostly Blue-headed by this one has a touch of the female thunbergi about it. maybe bit of a gene mixt? Photo by Gerald Driessens.

The other  ways to take photos through the new ATX/STX ‘scopes. With the TLS APO. I give it some airtime over here.

Nice moment was celebrating Jeff Gordon’s Birthday (of the ABA). After blowing out the candles on his cake he was asked what he wished for. “Something modular”, he said. We concurred.

So here he is, Jeff Gordon, caught on camera as he furtively views the new ATX 95 and TLS APO adaptor.

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2 Responses to Swarovski ATX/STX…

  1. Why can I not get the image of a bunch of naked (except for bino’s and cameras) x-men off of mybrain. I’m going to need laser treatment to get rid of that one…

  2. Wonderful post Martin!
    And for anybody interested of seeing the new look of Roadrunner, you will be satisfied by this link: http://roadrunner.sidvisning.se/nr1_2012/

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