Head-spinning Birding

Experience Israel: This Friday 5:30 pm

Migration spectacular!

All the herons, all the warblers, all the wheatears, all those birds of prey, pipits. wagtail and buntings, amazing water birds (and some secret stuff we are not even supposed to talk about). Roll massive migration/ wildlife spectacle, rare birds galore, ID challenges you couldn’t make up all into one head spinning package and it’s welcome to Israel. Think I am exaggerating? Well it messed with my head I want to share that experience and mess with your head too! Join us at the BIRDFAIR here

Israel – Where Migration is Defined. Special Evening event

Friday 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Where: Lecture Marquee 2

Join us for a series of short presentations about the marvels of Birding in Israel.

Speakers include:

Tim Appleton – The Hula experience

Mark Andrews – Hula, the Valley of dreams.

Martin Garner (Birding Frontiers) – Eilat – The Greatest Migration spectacle in the Western Palaearctic?

Jonathan Meyrav – “wham bam” birding – over 100 species a day in Israel.


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