Happy 2nd Blog Birthday

Birdfair and Beyond

from Martin

The Birding Frontiers Team have some great looking posts coming soon. So as the Birding Frontiers blog has just passed its 2nd Birthday– some newsy bits for the future and then back to frontier blogging!  And if you see me at the Birdfair on Friday or Saturday- do come over and say hello!

Shetland Autumn 2012 

Coming soon. A few places left. One of the rare bird finding highlights of the year. Whatever this time? Click HERE



Spurn and Seawatching Events 

Coming very soon and new beginnings with the Yorkshire Coast Nature team. Click HERE





Arctic Norway, Gullfest and 2013 

I will be at Birdfair with Tormod and Elin from Arctic Norway. They will also be visiting the UK in 2nd half of January 2012 for a speaking tour with me. Let me know if you have an interested group.


Swarovski ATX  

You have to take a look though the new eye-popping telescopes! Go to the Swarovski tower and digiscoping areas at the Birdfair. More HERE + HERE


Israel and Migration

Looking forward to seeing the Israel guys and hanging out. Don’t miss this evening event if you are at Birdfair on Friday. Click HERE.



Shetland in Spring 2013

Ask me if you see me. This ia a new venture, all the tremendous variety of birds and wildlife of a Shetland summer plus some proper rare bird hunting. to see more Click HERE




The nice guys at eBird are giving the ol’  Frontiers in Birding book a bit of a plug. See their ebird webpage. Click HERE. I will be hanging around their stall a bit.


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