Tree Pipits of the Indian kind

Dreaming of…

Coming back form an excellent Birdfair 2012, and looking forward. Autumn. Migration. All kinds of stories to be in, and I would like to be in some good stories this autumn!

I am thinking Tree Pipits right now. They start moving in the Sheffield area in late August and I am experimenting with nocturnal recording, so wondering if I will get one.

And September is very close- when it really kicks off, so I am thinking about the ‘Indian Tree Pipit’ – old speak for the Olive-backed Pipit. Been fortunate to be in on finding 4 of these on Shetland in the last few years and for me an ‘ultimate Sibe’. Then maybe there will be some next spring at the ultimate migratory watch in Eilat, Israel.

Here’s what I am on about:

Tree Pipit, Eilat, March 2012. I had the privilege of speaking about spring migration in Eilat at the Birdfair. This was one of many Tree Pipits seen. A species I always enjoy connecting with and currently hoping for some on my night time recording locally– maybe in the next few days (even over my house?).

Date Palms, Eilat, March 2012. Of course when you watch Tree Pipits in the Eilat dates palms you can expect to be overwhelmed by  more. In with the Tree Pipits were up to 5 Olive-backed Pipits:

Olive-backed Pipit. Eilat Date Palms, March 2012. Scruffy, moulting, dull plumaged. Interestingly they seem to have a different moult regime to the Tree Pipits.

Tree Pipits and (big numbers) of Meadow Pipits will be moving through Sheffield and  Spurn in the next few weeks. Nice to see them close, when you can discern differences in the bill shape and head patterns.:

Meadow Pipit, Spurn, September 2011

Tree Pipit, Spurn, September 2011

and (one of) the love(s) of my life which as I look ahead I am hoping for  AGAIN! Still a few places left on 2nd week and ONE PLACE has become available on week one due to a cancellation. All info on Shetland Nature pages 

Olive-backed Pipit,  Unst, Shetland, October 2011 by Stef Mcelwee. Watching THIS bird was one of my favourite memories of Shetland last autumn.

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